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Dec 17, 2012 12:00pm CST
the shooting tragedy in townnewtown,ct. the nra has shut down the facebook page presumably temporarily to avoid serving as a forum for on civil debate. the site became unavailable to the public about 10 hours after the shootings in connecticut. stocks of dancing across the board. investigate president obama and house speaker mad to there. there's a new tool to help you figure out how much some of the different options being debated may cause you. graded by the tax policy center. it helps you estimate your tax bill and do these competing proposals from republicans and democrats as well as what would happen if we did plunge over that fiscal cliff. some changes bubbling hasas pepsi shilling to artificial sweeteners on cans across the country. pepsi is also promising a major ad campaign. >>the hobbit more than met expectations. bringing an almost $85 million in its first three days. breaking a record for the best december debut. next the judge in the manslaughter case of richard daley's nephew recuses himself from the trial. also ahead this midday, why today may be the best day
Dec 18, 2012 9:00pm CST
nra has broken its silence of the sandy hook massacre in a statement they said out of respect for families and as a matter of common decency... they plan to hold a news conference friday in washington. president preckwinkle saying that the board is standing by its assault rifle ban asking the state to do the same we have a band here in cook county which is under court challenge so we proceeded to defend the ban and we would hope that the state of illinois as well would defend assault weapons the names of all victims were read at the meeting today. board members also expressed concern that the victims should not be forgotten and action should be taken. so many people still suffering without heat or homes after the hurricane, how chicago police are still lending a hand for the holidays. we check in with another group that helped so many during sandy. he can't even spell the word hero yet but tonight he sure is being called one a story you will not want to miss is coming up. ♪ this holiday when kmart shop your way members check out, they can win... ... a trip to universal orlando r
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2